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Trademarks in Israel

Trademark registration and protection in Israel

Representation in Trademark Disputes

We represent our clients in various proceedings before and Israeli Patent Office, responding to office actions, arguing in favor of applications approvals as well as attending hearings before the Trademark Register. The Register ruling may be appealed to the Israeli Supreme Court.

The Patent Office examiner may refuse to approve a trademark application for various reasons, among them are that the trademark is confusingly similar to existing trademark; that the mark is not distinctive; that it is of generic nature; that the mark is merely of the goods or services intended to be marked by the trademark. The Office has the discretion to demand the applicant to disclaim the exclusive use of non-distinctive elements of a mark or to amend or limit the list of goods or services actually connected with the trademark.

The following are examples of trademarks which are not eligible for registration:

1. Flags and emblems of the State or its institutions, flags and emblems of foreign states or international organizations.
2. Mark which is or may be injurious to public order or morality.
3. Mark which might deceive the public, a mark that contains a false indication of origin, or a mark that encourages unfair commercial competition.
4. Mark on which the picture of a person appears (without this person's consent).
5. Mark identical to a well known trademark or so similar thereto as to be misleading, even if it is not a registered trademark.

Once the application is approved it is published in the Trademark Gazette for possible oppositions. Our firm represents applicants in such oppositions procedures in which the Trademark Register is requested to rule which trademark / application prevail and who has the legitimate right to exploit the desired trademark.

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