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HH Art Project

  Artists participated in the project (partial list, alphabetic order):

The Heskia-Hacmun art project encourages original creation and artwork for a better Israeli society. Over a decade the project is initiating ventures exhibitions and events, with various artists and creators. The project promotes painters, photographers and artists whose artworks presented in exhibitions museums and private collections.

  (2008 Olympic, Ron Huldai mayor of Tel-Aviv, Heskia, Hacmun

Each year a theme is chosen and artists and creators are invited to present an original artworks. The participating artworks create an interesting mosaic with free artistic perspective of the chosen annual theme.

(2006 Friendship, Ayelet Hashahar Cohen)

Each year, chosen artworks are printed on New-Year's greeting cards, posted around the globe towards the Hebrew and civil new years. 

(2003, from right to left Amos Hacmun, Dor Heskia and the German ambassador to Israel) 

Over the years, the following themes were chosen and presented:
Growth", "Friendship" "First hand, Second hand", "Passion", "Olympic 2008", "One Languge Many Languages", "Simply Tel-Aviv", "The Green Gallery" and "Location/Home" Exhibition, Pri-Or PhotoHouse.

The 2015 art project: Recycling


Previous years  Recycling


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