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HH 2012 Art Project: The Green Gallery

This year Heskia-Hacmun art project went out to the nature, and recommends you to visit the Green Gallery at Arsuf, Kedem, a magical place and a unique experience. The Gallery is open all year and suits all ages. Guided tours can be arranged with Daniel Manheim, a resident who is also a founder of the gallery. For further details contact Daniel Tel. +972-52-3525366 email: Website:

The curator of the Green Gallery is the artist Tanya Preminger, who is considered as special phenomena in the Israeli art scene. Preminger has an international reputation as she won important sculpture competitions and participates in art events all over the world. These are a few of Preminger's many artworks displayed at the Green Gallery:

The hh art project encourages creation and original artwork for a better Israeli society.




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