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The economic affair that excites Europe - Germany operated its intelligence services in Liechtenstein / Interview with Adv. Amos Hacmun in the radio program "Business in the Air"
The UK also purchased the list for GBP 100,000

A television interview with Lawyer Israel Amos Hacmun at the Israeli channel 1 (Hebrew) 
An article published in Globes Hebrew text)
An article published in Ynet (Hebrew text)

International Financial Law Review 1000 - Leading law firms in Israel (Hebrew text)

Notes Heskia-Hacmun among the leading law firms
Finance:Secured Lending 2006/07 - PLC Cross-border Handbook
Adv. Hacmun answers questions regarding secured lending in Israel
Putting the Banks into Credit Limits  
Quoted in the article "Overdraft Bypass", published in Financial Consuming Magazine, Globes

The Trade Bank Story = Special Circumstances? 
The enforcement procedures were stayed and the bank is prevented from realizing its guarantees

The transaction is complete: Hapoalim completed the purchase of German bank SEB shares in Continental Bank (Hebrew text)
Bank Hapoalim paid  EU 10 Million. SEB was represented by Adv. Dor Heskia and Amos Hacmun
Continental's credit to Bezeq and Ormat digress the instructions of the Bank of Israel /(Hebrew text)
The German SEB bank will not participate in the capital increase even if Bank Hapoalim will make money flow. The contact with the foreign investors is made through Heskia-Hacmun Law Firm. According to estimations the inspector of the bank in the Bank of Israel has agreed to the temporary exception
The foreign investor in Continental rejects capital increase (Hebrew text)
The foreign partners increased their holdings in Continental Bank by adding Adv. Amos Hacmun to the board of directors, the rest of the directors are of Bank Hapoalim
Hapoalim might purchase SEB shares (Hebrew text)
The Swedish Bank appointed Heskia-Hacmun Law Firm for its activities in Israel. SEB representatives and Adv. Amos Hacmun met yesterday in Cyprus with a delegation on behalf of Bank Hapoalim, headed by the CEO Eli Yonas and the vice chairman Dani Dankner.
The foreign investor in Continental Bank demands investigating the credit to Peled-Givoni (Hebrew Text) 
The Swedish bank appointed Heskia-Hacmun Law Firm to handle the legal aspects of the affair. Adv. Dor Heskia to Continental bank CEO, Sami Weitzman: The foreign partners demand to receive documents and copies of protocols
First International Bank appeal on its obligation to disclose customer account information was rejected (Hebrew text)
First International Bank claim for bank secrecy was rejected following Bihat's petition to oblige the bank to disclose documents.

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