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Corporate and Commercial

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Hapoel Tel Aviv: Adv. Hacmun Special Administrator for the claims of athletes.
The "liquidation Judge" Varda Alshech from the Tel Aviv District Court appointed the lawyer Amos Hacmun from the Heskia Hacmun Law Firm as special administrator for the claims of athletes creditors of an association from Hapoel Tel-Aviv, that is currently in the liquidation proceedings.
It is regarding the Association for Promotion of women's sports, youth and the Arab sector at Hapoel Tel Aviv. This organization was founded in the year 2000 and has managed the basketball team of Hapoel Tel Aviv since 1.9.2004.
The request was submitted by the official receiver and adv. Hacmun was appointed on 19.11.2012.
The German Bundestag decided on GmbH reform
The GmbH reform shall become effective after October/November 2008 and implies some major changes.

The economic affair that excites Europe - Germany operated its intelligence services in Liechtenstein / Interview with Adv. Amos Hacmun in the radio program "Business in the air"
The UK also purchased the list for GBP 100,000

Click here for a television interview with Adv. Hacmun on the Israeli channel 1 (Hebrew)
Article published in Globes (Hebrew text)
Article published in Ynet (Hebrew text)
Ownership preservation term - Not a magic (Hebrew text)
Judge Alshech rules that an ownership preservation term determined by the supplier is not a guarantee for a merchandise return
License to Dance-How can an entrepreneur in Israel open a club or a new leisure place and stay alive?
Published in "Business Building" magazine, Globes
Email contracts come of age 
The court applies the laws of contracts to transactions and agreements executed via email, advancing the law for the modern business reality

Commercial Agent: EU and Israel
By Adv. Dor Heskia and Amos Hacmun.Published on Israel-British Trade Magazine

Investors Trustee (Hebrew text)
Trustee companies are a link in the chain between the investors and the company in which the investment is made. What arrangements protect the investors’ rights while working with a trustee company.
From the Companies Law: Derivative Action- In good faith (Hebrew text)
Court ruled that behind the derivative action stands bad faith and not company rehabilitation actions
Court rejected Callvision's shareholders derivative claim against ASC Telecom (Hebrew text)
Judge Gerstel prevented the usage of derivative action for promotion of personal interests and ruled that this is lack of good faith
The foreign investor in Continental rejects capital increase (Hebrew text)
The foreign partners increased their holdings in Continental Bank by adding Adv. Amos Hacmun Lawyer Israel to the board of directors, the rest of the directors are of Bank Hapoalim
The foreign investor in Continental Bank demands investigating the credit to Peled-Givoni (Hebrew Text) 
The Swedish bank appointed Heskia-Hacmun Law Firm to handle the legal aspects of the affair. Adv. Dor Heskia to Continental bank CEO, Sami Weitzman: The foreign partners demand to receive documents and copies of protocols
Limited fitness (Hebrew text)
Hollywood is in America* How did the biggest gym in town get into troubles
One-Man Company (Hebrew text)
Israeli companies can have only one shareholder but reality shows that in such cases the court identifies the shareholder with the company and in order to pierce of the corporate vail
Options in crisis (Hebrew text)
In times in which the high business seems far and sending employees back to the market is customary, there is the question of the status of stock options in case of firing

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