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Group Lawsuit against the Jewish Claims Conference demanding it to release Nazi confiscated Assets which it holds in violation of the victims and their heirs rights
According to a lawsuit submitted against the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, INC. (JCC), businesses and real estate assets in East Germany that were appropriated during the Nazi regime were restituted or compensated for to the Claims Conference which today refuses to hand them over to their rightful owners.


Intercosma's claim against Puig concern and Lilit cosmetics was denied (hebrew text)
In the claim that was filed on 2005 on the amount NIS 20 million, Intercosma claimed that the defendants breached their contract in "extremely bad faith, in order to unlawfully banish it from being the exclusive distributor of Puig luxury products in Israel"

District Court confirmed the party's consent to dismiss the derivative action against officers and directors in Israeli Continental Bank  (Hebrew text). More articles in this matter:
Chairman of the Central Election committee denied the motion of Mr. Oren Shachor to disqualify the mayor, Ron Huldai from participating in Tel Aviv's municipal elections.
Court granted the motion of "Tel Aviv 1 headed by Ron Huldai" party, represented by Adv. Dor Heskia, concerning Tel Aviv's municpal elections and determined that "The Tel Avivim" party could not use the words "Huldai Control" on the voting ballots as it may mislead the voters (Hebrew text)

The judgement given by Justice Sara Gadot on 30.10.08 (Hebrew text)

Article in this matter from NRG website (Hebrew text)
Article in this matter from YNET website (Hebrew text) 

SONY petitions to be equally treated as other reputable companies such as Israeli Banks and Insurance Companies (Hebrew text)
Adv. Dor Heskia of Heskia-Hacmun Law Firm on behalf of Sony, requested Judge Jacob Shainman to rule that the world known company should be treated equal to Israeli banks and insurance companies due to its solid financial situation and high liquidity
Judge recusation - an interview with Adv. Dor Heskia in "The Club" TV show

The psychology professor determined that the case is extra ordinary and that the judge has confirmation bias and therefore should recuse herself (Hebrew text)
Appeal on the judge's decision not to recuse herself was submitted to the Supreme Court (Hebrew text)

Response to the class action submitted against internet auction websites (Hebrew text)

The importer of Scholtes luxuary appliances claims that the plaintiffs did not prove that they bid in any of the mentioned auctions, did not purchase goods and did not suffer damage

Permitted to publish: Raid over Israel biggest file-sharing websites (Hebrew text)
Last month, representatives of the court and of The Israel Anti-Piracy Organization have raided the homes of 3 file-sharing websites operators

Owner of "Chaos" Fashion: The disengagement process harmed us (Hebrew text)
Kobi Cohen of "Chaos" Fashion requests the Tel Aviv District Court to allow reorganization of the company 
Bizportal (Hebrew text) 

Court dismissed a claim against Puig Cosmetics (Hebrew text)
It ruled that the claim, submitted following termination of principal-distributor agreement of Puig products in Israel, will not be heard by an Israeli court due to a foreign jurisdiction clause determining that Paris Courts have exclusive jurisdiction.
Haoman 17 club in Tel Aviv petitioned court for business permit (Hebrew text)
Club owners filed an administrative petition to order Tel Aviv Municipality to issue the club's business permit
To the article on Yediot Ahronot (Hebrew)
To the article on Maariv (Hebrew)

Oren Yerushalmi, former partner of Ofer Resles, petitions Court to instruct Relses to pay him USD 69,000 (Hebrew text)

Yerushalmi, represented by Adv. Dor Heskia, petitions to enforce in Israel a judgment of the Supreme Court of New York, for the total sum of USD 760,000
Class action against Cellcom: Misled new immigrants by charging higher rates (Hebrew text)
The plaintiffs, Nechama Ushmin and Yuval Shacham, represented by Adv. Dor Heskia, subscribed to the calling plan "From Russia with love" in which the rates were NIS 0.39 per minute. However, Cellcom increased the rates by 33% within one year and 53% within 20 months
Article from Ynet (Hebrew text)

Article from NRG (Hebrew text)

Article from TheMarker (Hebrew text)
Judge decided to recuse himself from ruling in a lawsuit against Bezeq - The Israeli communication Company  (Hebrew text)
The recusation only followed the plaintiff's motion after the preliminary proceedings in which the judge did not mentioned his previous relations with Bezeq
More articles in this matter -
Haaretz - Judge recused himself in a lawsuit against Bezeq (Hebrew text)
NFC - Judge recused himself following a year of judicial proceedings (Hebrew text)
Rubi Asa actions against his former lawyer Shmuel Saadiya: Deceived me and disrupted the proceedings (Hebrew text)
Claims that due to Saadiya's negligence he was convicted in Israel and in Switzerland for the same felonies
Court ruled that TIE Middle East will pay NIS 600,000 to its former employees (Hebrew text)
The former employees, represented by Adv. Dor Heskia and Oz Nir, argued that the company stopped paying their salaries due to major financial difficulties
Negotiations towards plea bargain with businessman Rubi Asa – will not serve sentence (Hebrew text)
According to the accepted plea bargain. Asa will not be punished a second time as he already served a Switzerland sentence for the same offense
More on Rubi Asa plea bargain:
NFC (Hebrew text); Haaretz (Hebrew text)Globes (Hebrew text)
The bargain refers to felonies made during the years 1990-92 while Asa was head of Ram enterprises, a major Israeli raw steel importer
The Court granted the motion of Rubi Asa - Adv. Saadiya is obliged to disclose documents (Hebrew text)
Saadiya will disclose privilieged documents in his claim for legal fees against Asa
"Haoman 17" re-opens (Hebrew text)
The Court revoked the order of closure issued by the police following the club's undertaking to tight its strict security arrangements
Rubi Asa: The criminal proceedings against me must be canceled (Hebrew text)
Claims that he has been convicted and punished in Switzerland for the same offense he was indicted for in Tel-Aviv.
The liquidator of Idanim Furnitures  (Hebrew text)
The liquidator Adv. Dor Heskia requests the court to permit the sale of Idanim assets to Innovate Ltd.
Court in Haifa: Links to pirate downloads are illegal (Hebrew text)
The file sharing websites and the music and film companies have reached an agreement to settle the case

The file sharing websites: "We didn't contempt court's order" (Hebrew text)
A response from the file sharing websites following the music and film companies claim that the file sharing web Lionetwork published infringing links

Did the file sharing websites contempt court's order? (Hebrew text)
The entertainment companies in a raging mail to Adv. Dor Heskia: The websites published links
A public attorney will be appointed to defend Rubi Asa (Hebrew text)
Following a petition to the High Court of Justice that Asa filed with his attorney Adv. Dor Heskia
The file sharing websites will return with kosher content (Hebrew Text)
Adv. Dor Heskia who represents Lionetwork website has reached an agreement with the plaintiffs that will allow the website to go online
The Israeli file sharing websites fight back (Hebrew text)
File sharing websites: Copyright violation, Freedom of speech and Internet police
Adv. Presenti: Believes that this will be brought to the Supreme Court. A principal issue and a major judicial question
Rubi Asa concealed money from the receivers fund (Hebrew text)
The receivers of the former Rubi Asa's enterprise claim that Asa still handles various business activities. The Company began the liquidation process where it was sold for $ 54 Million. Asa's lawyer: Recycling of old claims

Lionetwork administrator petitioned the court for website operation approval (Hebrew text)
Claims that the shutdown order is too broad while many parts of the website do not infringe any copyright

Purification battle: The claim of Tenne Industries, manufacturer of Tami 4 against Mei-Zach Water Technologies was rejected (Hebrew text)
Tenne requested to forbid the defendant from performing TDS and Electrolization tests in consumers home drinking water. The claim was submitted 7 years ago and only Mei-Zach continued until the end and prevailed
Temporary business permit was issued to Haoman 17 club in Tel Aviv /(Hebrew text)
The club owners obtained temporary permits for a month and the municipality approved its activity

Busy Courts Endorse Settlements and ADR
Published on IFLR - International Financial Law Review

Vain Burning (Hebrew Text)
The legal system recently dealt with an action for injunction against broadcasting "Kolbotek" show that showed gynecologist who allegedly falsely diagnosed problems with patients. Again we encounter the subject of public right for information versus a person’s good reputation. Which shall prevail?
Consented request to liquidize Callvision Israel (Hebrew text)
Adv. Dor Heskia will serve as an administrator for the liquidized company in an attempt to gain tax returns
Summary Procedures (Hebrew text)
The court was not convinced that Heskia-Hacmun Law Firm was authorized to represent ASC directors and therefore it is eligible to return judicial documents sent to its offices
Court rejected Callvision's shareholders derivative claim against ASC Telecom (Hebrew text)
Judge Gerstel prevented the usage of derivative action for promotion of personal interests and ruled that this is lack of good faith
Liebherr claims Kardan for NIS 5 million: "Acted in bad faith" (Hebrew text)
Supplier relations: Liebherr terminated its relations with the Israeli distributor
The dispute between Dana International and Bezeq International is ended (Hebrew Text)
Bezeq International will apologize and compensate. The dispute began after the advertisement firm Adler-Chomski-Varshevski raised a campaign in which International is shown as a cat singing "There are girls" on the Eurovision stage, against her will.
Summary Procedure (Hebrew text)
Employees of the Ministry of Defanse that were acquitted from disciplinary proceedings demand compensation. The Supreme Court expands the right of a defendant for compensation under justified circumstances.
Tie Middle East employees: Only 4 employees remained in the company, including the CEO (Hebrew text)
Tie Middle East was established in Israel as a marketing and support branch of the Dutch parent company and currently works with the Ministry of Defense. The employees did not receive paychecks and left.
German communication company claims NIS 5 million from two Israelis that signed a collaboration agreement  (Hebrew text)
ASC claims that the development was halted and the Israeli managers caused over USD 2 Million of damages

Stay of proceedings for "Everybody" gym (Hebrew text)
Adv. Heskia Tel Aviv district court was requested to issue stay of proceedings order 

Dana International - Bezeq International 1-0 (Hebrew text)
The district court rejected Bezeq International counter claim against the singer. The compensation is estimated at NIS 1 million and even more.
Former Executive in Modelity claims NIS 104,000(Hebrew text)
Claims that the company's representations on which he relied when left his job in USA were false representations
First International Bank appeal on its obligation to disclose customer account information was rejected  (Hebrew text)
First International Bank claim for bank secrecy was rejected following Bihat's petition to oblige the bank to disclose documents.

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