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Intellectual Property

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Trademarks in the "Global Village" (Hebrew text)
International convention for trademark registration around the world will soon enable the registration of trademarks in a number of countries simultaneously in one simple procedure. Israel is on its way to join 

Intellectual Property (IP) experts in Israel: Heskia-Hacmun a leading law firm / Asia Law & Practice, 2007
The publisher pointed out Heskia-Hacmun as one of the 2007 leading firm in its fields. Quote: "Heskia-Hacmun Law Firm, as a firm which has significant IP experience, and partner Dor Heskia leads its team. As well as the registration of various trademarks, the firm has been involved in investigating illegal transactions in patent rights and litigating against a farm and restaurant in relation to copyright infringement."
According to the publisher regarding 2007 intellectual property (IP) experts in Israel: "Israeli companies – especially those in the dynamic high-technology, pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors – have become more aware of the importance of intellectual property (IP) as they do more business with large economies such as the United States and European Union (EU) states."
Asia Law & Practice is a leading Asia-focused publisher and conference organizer.

Heskia-Hacmun Law Firm was covered in IP Profiles 2007
IP Profiles is the leading international directory of intellectual property advisers
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Paying royalties for music playing in birthdays? (Hebrew text)
The law does not give a definition for public announcement for which royalties must be paid. The court ruled that the technical terms under which the music is played are less important than the circumstances under which it is played.
It’s good it’s Aviv Gefen (Hebrew Text)
For the sake of Osem and its advertisement company it will be said that the obligation to pay for the imitation of Aviv Gefen in the advertisement is obvious and Gefen’s consent was obtained in advance, despite the fact that Israeli law does not determine so explicitly.
Intellectual Property – for District Court (Hebrew Text)
The Knesset approved an amendment to the Courts Law, which determines that the District Court shall rule in matters of Intellectual Property even in cases in which the monetary value of the claim is lower than in claims usually handled by the District Court. It is possible that the next step will be the establishing of a special tribunal for Intellectual Property matters.
Dana International is an Icon (Hebrew text)
Intellectual Property: Retail use of an icon in advertisement costs money
The dispute between Dana International and Bezeq International ended (Hebrew Text)
Bezeq International will apologize and compensate. The dispute began after the advertisement firm Adler-Chomski-Varshevski raised a campaign in which International is shown as a cat singing "There are girls" on the Eurovision stage, against her will.
Dana International - Bezeq International 1-0 (Hebrew text)
The district court rejected Bezeq International counter claim against the singer. The compensation is estimated at NIS 1 million and even more.
Law Circuits (Hebrew text)
Proving infringement of intellectual property rights in circuits is not an easy task – locating the infringing factor and submitting a claim against him is only the beginning of the journey.

Reward on the edge of "Good Taste" (Hebrew Text)
New commercial by the fashion company Fox was disqualified from broadcasting: Express sexual behavior, sexual force and violence. The good taste limits the Second authority for Television and Radio

Humor Neto (Hebrew Text)
The ruling in the matter of the "Hot Thailand" commercial of the advertiser Neto marks the borderline for disqualification of commercial advertisement. Mainly it explains that there is nothing wrong with popular sexual language or vulgarism and that the advertisement humour does not have to amuse everyone

Just Wrong, or Quacks?
The ruling emphasizes the limits of the freedom of speech: A man’s name is his honor and it must be used carefully, even when expressing a criticism or opinion

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